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Senior Manager - Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Negotiable


  • Shortlisted

  • Interviewing

  • Job Offer

  • Experience:

    5 - 10 years
  • Industry:

    Public Relations
  • Degree:

  • Job Type:

    Full-Time (Unlimited)
  • Career Level:

  • Languages:

    Arabic, English
  • Skills Required:

    Charities Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Share:

  • Job Description

    The Senior Manager (CSR) will be responsible for developing, planning, and executing CSR initiatives in line with the company’s community development efforts and budgets.

    The Senior Manager (CSR) will also be responsible for creating and implementing an approach to CSR that complements our business strategy in the areas of corporate social responsibility and, to project us as an involved, responsible, and forward-thinking corporate entity by developing and implementing CSR programs.

    • Developing and actioning company's social responsibility strategy in line with overall business objectives.
    • Implementing CSR programs as well as conducting periodic program reviews to assess outcomes and effectiveness.
    • Ensuring that the company’s CSR policies meet legal and commercial needs.
    • Develop strategies and materials for the communication of CSR initiatives to all internal and external audiences, ensuring overall messaging consistency across business units and throughout corporate communications.
    • Evaluate CSR initiatives against industry standards; analyze results and develop action plans to ensure we have a best-in-class CSR program.
    • Driving CSR budget & monitoring spend to deliver results in line with planned objectives.
    • Acting as the focal point for the Company's CSR initiatives by building relationships with community partners and key stakeholders.
    • Raising public awareness of company’s social responsibility commitments.
    • Promoting employee volunteering initiatives in coordination with internal stakeholders.
    • Implement all other related duties as required by the CEO from time-to time.

    • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized and well reputed university.
    • Minimum Five (5) years related experience in CSR.
    • Knowledge of the rules and regulations governing Charities, best practices for CSR.
    • Proven experience in managing relationships, networks and teams that include a diverse group of people representative of the public and private sectors, community-based organizations, nonprofit organizations as well as program beneficiaries.
    • Proven effectiveness in driving complex multi-stakeholder planning processes and cross-team projects to desired results.
    • A native Arabic speaker with a good command of the English language.

    Additional Requirements / Certifications

    In order to succeed in this role, previous CSR experience in the UAE as well as native-level Arabic communication skills are essential.
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