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HR Manager


  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • AED 17,000 to AED 22,000 per year


  • Shortlisted

  • Interviewing

  • Job Offer

  • Experience:

    7 - 14 years
  • Industry:

    Finance & Financial Services Media
  • Degree:

  • Job Type:

    Full-Time (Unlimited)
  • Career Level:

  • Languages:

  • Skills Required:

    CIPD HR - Human Resource Management SHRM
  • Share:

  • Job Description

    We are currently looking for an HR Manager to support our growing team in Dubai.

    Previous Generalist HR experience in the UAE, specifically in the tech, financial services, marketing, or media sector is necessary to succeed in this role. Duties will include the full-cycle provision of HR services from employee onboarding to engagement, L&D, performance management, and offboarding.

    The ideal candidate is holding either SHRM or CIPD qualification.

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