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2 out of 3 candidates don’t apply directly.

They are called passive talent - highly qualified individuals who are already employed and are not actively looking for a change. They constitute 70% of the global workforce.

The vast majority, however, is open to new opportunities.

Conventional job boards are simply not effective in attracting passive talent. They might not actively apply, but with more than 90% of passive candidates being open to a new job, you are losing out on the best talent available.

The trick: Get them through the crowd.

Waiting for passive talent to turn active is neither efficient nor economical. We therefore tap into the public and incentivize referrals of outstanding candidates to your jobs.

Here is how it works:

We incentivize the public to refer candidates from their network directly to you.
Imagine having 100s of agents working on your position!


Post your job

Tell us about your perfect candidate and specify a reward to incentivize referrals.


We advertise your position to relevant networks

We custom-build an audience on social media and advertise your job & the offered reward - not to candidates, but to those people who are the most likely to be connected to a relevant candidate. We offer your reward for referring suitable talent.


Receive unlimited referrals

You receive referrals of highly qualified candidates, filtered through our algorithm, directly on your dashboard. Easily drag & drop them through your recruitment process.


Hire the best – only pay if you retain

The reward you specified is only invoiced when your selected candidate accepts your job offer, and is only released to the referrer when you retain the candidate for 3 months from the date of joining. If you don't retain, you get your money back - you remain in total control!

Whom we worked with

Our clients are as diverse as the roles that we fill.


With us, it’s all about cutting costs without neglecting time & quality.

Your candidate’s yearly salary:

Recommended Reward

$7,500You can get referrals of outstanding candidates for as little as 10% of the candidate's annual salary, payable upon the candidate joining you and secured by a 3-month placement guarantee.

Conventional Recruitment Agencies

Average fees range from

$75,000 to $80,000

We deliver. Regardless of industry and geography.

We have filled positions around the world across industries and sectors.

Not yet convinced? Here is why you should work with us.

Exceptionally fast delivery

By tapping into the public, we deliver top-notch referrals of passive talent within mere days.

No static fees

We don’t charge fees on the candidate’s annual salary. Instead, you select how much you would like to reward someone for referring the perfect candidate.

Pay only if you hire

No hire, no fee. Assess every candidate for 3 months – full refunds credited back if you don't retain.

Outstanding performance

Fast delivery of referrals, algorithmic sorting, easy management through our dashboard, amazing return on investment.

Used by the best

Purpose-built by HR for HR. Used by industry leaders across industries and markets.

Fully compliant

We are fully GDPR compliant and have every candidate verify their acceptance before being referred.

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